Pinks and oranges reflecting off the still water, the creek is teaming with life. There you are calmly soaking it all in, in harmony with the scene, experiencing the real world—alive!

Why shouldn't you have this feeling aboard a vessel that is built specifically to coax the most out of YOUR personal "marine experience"?

At Barrier Island Boatbuilders we want to develop relationships with a community of patrons who live life to the fullest, who want to experience the marine environment with a sense of pride and confidence knowing that they belong to an elite group of mariners who own their dream boat! A community who appreciates quality over quantity, customization over production—patrons who value performance, artisan craftsmanship and want to experience 110% of their lives.

We are passionate about building strong seaworthy vessels that combine function and form to bring out the "last for a lifetime" memories that create who we are! Whether your dream boat is a racing yacht, an offshore sport fish or a strip-built canoe, we will strive to create a boat that allows someone to know who you are without saying a single word.

Our services

Barrier Island Boat Builders has teamed up with Detyen’s Boatyard, creating a full-service boat facility that specializes in the design, construction and maintenance of custom wooden boats.

Deep water access to the Cooper River and a 70-tonne travel lift allow us to support the boating community in a variety of ways, from routine maintenance to major refits.

We have the knowledge and the experience to repair and restore everything from traditional wooden boats to the more modern cold-molded composite vessels.

Our team brings the creative expertise and commitment necessary for projects that require problem solving and perseverance.

Guided by a deep respect for the craftsmen of yesteryear, we are both honored to maintain their creations and inspired to find our own creative lines in our custom-crafted vessels.

Shipwrights  follow a specialized occupation that traces its roots to before recorded history. ~ Wikipedia

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Contact Us

277 Shipyard Lane
Goose Creek, SC 29445

843 200 7261


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